Runner beans

I see from the local paper that the Immigration Department have raided one of the town’s eight Indian Restaurants.

Officials stormed into the Rim of Fire Restaurant shortly after doughnut time last Thursday.  Three of the staff tried to escape when the police demanded to see proof of identity, work visas or fifty pound notes.

The two South African waiters, Fitch MacOat and Getma Hat, ran through the storeroom for the street but were intercepted by Constable Happening who managed to beat them to the ground with a frozen Alsatian dog’s leg, (or was it an Alsatian dog’s frozen leg?).

Eastern European head-waiter, Emay Droppadish, made it up the stairs and onto the rooftops and is still being hunted by the authorities.

“He attempted to grab some provisions on the way out,” said Sergeant Incident, “Unfortunately for him; all he picked up was a bag of corn and a six litre container of coffee beans”.

The hunt is on for an agitated man with dilated eyes and a rapid heartbeat.
Police suspect he has gone to ground.

  Beans of the coffee variety              

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