What’s that Advert all about?

Have you seen that advert for the Vauxhall Corsa? 
The one where the sexy young woman puts her long boots on, like she’s getting ready to leave after having stayed the night. Then she takes the car keys from the side table and drives off in her lover’s Corsa.  The boyfriend emerges from the bathroom with his towel wrapped around him, and to your surprise (and horror) you realise he’s an eight inch high, pop-art, glove puppet! Then he and his four glove-puppet mates go chasing through the streets to get the Corsa back.  Eventually they stop it when the ‘boy-friend’ puppet stands in the road in front of the car and his towel falls down to reveal…..

To reveal what exactly? 
And why are the advertisers suggesting that such a gorgeous girl, or any girl, would gain their sexual satisfaction with a child’s soft toy?  And why do they think this will make anybody buy the car?
‘Ah! But you’re writing about the Corsa now so you obviously remembered the advert!’ I can hear you saying.  No, I didn’t remember, I had to look it up and no, I won’t be buying anything that crappy.

These marketing guys are having a competition to see who can get their clients to agree to the most stupid, and useless advert.  The loser gets to buy the round of lagers, probably that one with the blue logo that you don’t want to get warm. I can’t remember what it’s called but you know the one.. yeah you do!


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