Strictly Dancing

There’s been some controversy in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.  Apparently people have been voting for the couples they like instead of the couples who are dancing the best.  That’s outrageous!  Imagine if we did that when we voted for politicians and ignored how good their policies were and just voted on how nice their suits looked.  The country would be run by a bunch of smarmy, devious, media led con men.  Hang on a minute…..

The judges got very excited when one of the better dancers had to leave because the public voted for a TV sofa bunny.  They were shouting on the TV and ranting in the newspapers.  It took our minds off the horrors of the world, war, famine and climate change for a while but eventually it got too much.  You couldn’t get out of bed without Craig Reveal Horrid stepping out of your wardrobe and saying, “Surely it’s all about the dance not the celebrity!” in a snidely sort of a way.

I was glad when the News headlines changed to the freak hailstorm in Colombia.  So much hail fell in such a sort time that a whole bunch of cars were trapped in what became a river of ice.  The TV showed one poor wretch pulled out of the window of his car by the local rescue services.  Shivering from cold and fear and with tears frozen to his cheeks, he turned to the cameras and asked the question that had been tormenting him throughout his imprisonment:
“You must tell me Senor, did Dominic and Lilia make it through to round six?”

No mate they didn’t, and I’m not sure I’ll make it through to the next one.


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