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Behind closed doors

Two  Greek cleaning ladies survived trapped inside a broken lift for two days, the pair survived on cough drops and aspirins until they were rescued. Bertha Apothecata and her mother, Betty Domestico, entered the lift in an empty building in Athens … Continue reading

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Double yolker

 It’s time for yet another episode of ‘Egg Heads’ and Diemad Murderman rubs some sleep from his eyes, straightens his tie and introduces the teams. “‘These five people are amongst the greatest quiz players in Britain.  Together they make up … Continue reading

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Open Wound – the drink

I see there’s a cocktail called an ‘Open Wound’.You fill a shot glass with Everclear Whiskey, drop a dash of Tabasco sauce in it, plus some around the edge.  Put an olive on a cocktail stick and drop it in. … Continue reading

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Gravy wrestling

The Rose ‘n’ Bowl pub in Stacksteads, Lancashire, recently hosted the World Gravy Wrestling Championships.  The contest was won by Joel Hicks, a 30-year-old barrister wrestling under the name of Stone Cold Steve Bisto. “The final was really tough and … Continue reading

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Sacrilege = Desecration, profanation, misuse, or theft of something sacred

The most valuable catalogue in pop music is finally open for business after the Beatles invited offers to use their hits in advertisements.  Now the guardians of the Beatles’ songbook have said the catalogue may be licensed for selected “brand … Continue reading

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Trigger’s Broom

 Down at the “Slug and Philosopher’ we had gotten through the first couple of quick pints and were working our way through the later, slower ones. “You know, I don’t even remember my first Guinness,” said Old Ted, wiping some … Continue reading

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