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Trigger’s Broom

 Down at the “Slug and Philosopher’ we had gotten through the first couple of quick pints and were working our way through the later, slower ones. “You know, I don’t even remember my first Guinness,” said Old Ted, wiping some … Continue reading

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Smells like Xmas spirit

For Robert Schoff, this Christmas stank. That’s because the 77-year-old spent a large part of his Christmas Eve stuck upside down in the opening of his septic tank.  Schoff, of Des Moines, Iowa, reached into the tank Monday in an … Continue reading

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Down on the farm

You will see that supermarket giant and champion of healthy produce Tesco are sourcing  many of their goods from British farms. Amongst their suppliers they now have Rosedene farm for fruit, Redmere farm for vegetables, Willows farm for poultry and … Continue reading

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The harder they fall

It’s Man United versus West Ham and the Hammers are putting up a damn good fight.  United’s manager, Sir Alex, is becoming apoplectic in the dugout. Over on the wing, Ron, that foreign chap who plays for United, is doing … Continue reading

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Crime Seen

The film team from ‘Street Drink Crime UK Cops Wars’ are following our local constabulary as they go about policing the streets on Christmas Eve.  Constable Happening is sitting in his patrol car in the High Street when he receives … Continue reading

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French police have riddled a wild boar with bullets after it got into a clothes shop in the city of Poitiers, forcing customers to flee. The boar, weighing 90kg (198lb), was shot after it began charging at police, the French … Continue reading

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