Friends – Review

I’ve just seen this great show on the TV.  It’s about six young, single, New York friends.  There are three girls and three boys and they all live together but they don’t have sex with each other, well not in the early days anyway.  The boys are called Chuckler, Boy and Russ.  The girls are called Moaner, Feeble and Jennifer Aniston.  Despite living in the most famous city in the richest, most powerful country in the history of the world they are always struggling to find fulfilment or even to be adults really. Chuckler constantly bangs on about his psychological problems although he has more opportunities than 95% of the rest of the world.  That’s really funny.  Boy is always sleeping around and manages to pick up any girl he likes even though he is emotionally immature and dumps them once he has had sex.  He must be loaded with STDs. It’s hilarious.  The third one hasn’t done much so far but I expect he’ll get better.Moaner used to be fat and happy but now she’s skinny and miserable.  She looks like that character from the film ‘Scream’, you know, the one in the black cape with the knife.  Feeble is always trying to be strange, as if spending all your time drinking coffee with the same five people wasn’t strange enough.  Jennifer has a rich family but has come to the city to show she can make it on her own, she proves this by living with the other five and having a long term on and off affair with Russ.  Cool!

The audience practically wet themselves when the cast walk on set so God knows what will happen if they ever tell any jokes.  I don’t think it will last more than one series and it is probably not good enough to be repeated so catch it quick.

AA++++ Good ebayer                                                 .hotblack_20070610_coffee.jpg

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