People with low incomes on Tyneside are being offered the chance to buy an affordable flat-pack home. The timber-framed BoKlok structures, costing up to £150,000 will be built near Gateshead International Stadium. They will be available only to those earning between £15,000 and £35,000, who are not already homeowners.

In a similar move, plastic block homes are being offered to residents of Leeds.  The blocks are lightweight and weatherproof and come in several bright colours.  Each block has two rows of raised circular pegs on top and corresponding holes on its underside.  This means that blocks can be snapped together easily and sideways movement will not pull them apart.  They are environmentally friendly because they do not require deep foundations, concrete or cement.

Leeds Environmental Group Organised Homes is the firm responsible.  We contacted them and a spokesman said,” They really are very easy to assemble, a child could do it.  We also sell other items such as garages, cars and ships.  There’s also the ‘Millennium Falcon’ and ‘The QEII’”

When asked how many of the LEGO blocks you would actually need to build a house, the spokesman said, “What a real house?  Are you raving mad? Please stop wasting my time, I’m putting the ‘phone down now.”                                                                       img_4081.jpg

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