Watch out, here comes the Spiderman!

Asda Stores, Milton Keynes has erected a 14 foot inflatable Spiderman to promote the launch of the latest Spiderman DVD.

Starting a nationwide tour, the giant Spidey crouches astride the main entrance of the supermarket.  The PVC inflatable is one of a number of high-profile point-of-sale items supplied to superstores this year.

Mrs Dreadnought, a pensioner doing her weekly shop, peered with some amusement at Spidey’s crotch hanging above her.  “It’s not often I’m in this position these days,” she cackled. 
“Usually I’m on top and me ‘usband only wears a costume on me birthday.”

Other models available include an over inflated Jonathon Ross, a rather limp Dale Winton and an overstretched Katie Price.

“If you want more customers, there’s nothing as attractive as one of our high-profile dirigibles, “said an inflatables salesman.  “They’re very popular but we do have trouble controlling them.  A blow-up Jodie Marsh got away from us last week and the wind carried her into the local monastery.  Those poor monks haven’t seen a woman in years, let alone one with tits a metre wide, and they’re even bigger on the inflatable.”

The Abbot from the monastery said, “Some of my lads haven’t left their cells since the incident.
But most of them are homosexual so thank God it wasn’t Spiderman’s erection!”

“You haven’t got any photo’s of that, have you?” he added.

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