Star crossed

Russell Grant’s Astrological prediction.

A person who has recently left school could come up with some intelligent observations today. Spending a few hours with someone you’ve not had a lot to do with in the past could be surprisingly enlightening. If you’re in a position of leadership, taking time to find out what’s going on in the background could be to your advantage. Keeping a low profile will help your cause. Later, a silly mistake may make you look foolish.

That’s amazingly accurate!

My son who left school very recently (at about 3.20pm actually), made the intelligent observation that Astrology is a heap of crap.

Then I spent a few hours with my wife, a person I have not had a lot to do with in the past, only to be surprisingly enlightened to find that she thinks Russell Grant is a fatuous, over paid, insincere conman.

I’m not in a position of leadership, but if I was, I reckon it would definitely be to my advantage to find out what’s going on in the background.  For example; if I was leading an expedition to the North Pole, and in the background a Polar bear was stalking us.  And if that was the case, keeping a low profile would definitely help my cause.

How Russell keeps knocking out these pearls, I really don’t know! 

Oh, hang on a minute  – I’ve just seen it says ‘Capricorn’, that’s not me, I’m a Taurus.
Now I just look foolish.

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