Pastafarian Intelligent Design

They are amongst us.

Those who believe that the world was created by ID (Italian Dish), not by the red teeth and claws of physics, nature and evolution.

All the evidence of science, that physical forces following the Big Bang formed the Universe and created the Earth, is rubbished by these worshippers. 

The idea that we evolved from the lower creatures to the giddy heights of the selfish, war mongering, adulterating, child abusing, earth destroying creatures we are today without the help of an intelligent God is an anathema to them.
The Pastafarians know that this world was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster and they wear the clothes of his faith.  Pirate Outfits.

Bryan Killian, a Pastafarian from North Carolina, has been banned from school for repeatedly turning up in Pirate Uniform.  He and his fellow believers are trying to get American schools to teach all three creation theories – God, Big-Bang and Flying Spaghetti Monster.  They also believe that Pirates are devine beings and not in the “God, isn’t Johnny Depp just devine?” sense either.

How the other world religions such as Islam,  Sikhism, Buddhism and Harry Potterism are going to cope with yet another competitor we will have to wait and see.

If you want to try out a religion in which you can eat your God (other than Catholicism) go to the Pastafarian site here:

I highly recommend it as a starter, washed down with a cheeky Chianti, but it’s a bit hard to swallow as a main course.

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