Rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia has proved to be a booming business in recent years, according to the BBC’s business correspondent Martin Shankleman.


For example; the scratched and charred Fender Stratocaster guitar, set alight by Jimi Hendrix in March 1967 is to go under the hammer at auction. 


‘Go under the hammer’?  Jeez hasn’t that instrument suffered enough?

Surely, it’s time the poor thing was cremated properly and sent to join Jimi (wherever he ended up).  They could make themselves useful and burn everything ever played or written by Chris de Burgh while they’re at it.


In a similar move, I am auctioning the 500ml can of McEwan’s Ale that was hurled into the audience at a Boomtown Rats concert in Hemel Hempstead in 1978.  Still visible in the side of the can is the dent caused by my forehead.

Originally costing around £1 the price expected at auction could be as high as £1.75.


Sotheby’s expert Delvina Attick examined the object.

“It appears to be an old tin of beer.  Do you want me to open it for you, you poor, smelly, alcoholic, old man?” she asked, sympathetically.

Shit!  I am rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia!



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