Suburban high life

A woman who climbed 20ft up a tree to help a trapped cat had to be rescued by firefighters after being stranded when a branch broke beneath her.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said, “I will die of embarrassment if people find out it was me, Clare Sheeblows of ‘15 The Poplars’ who was stuck up that tree.”

Roving reporter Tim Flaps rushed to the scene to interview chief fire fighter, Mike Lackson.

“Mike, what steps did you take to rescue Clare?”
“The usual ones that we carry on top of the vehicle, Tim.”

“No, Mike, I mean; what procedure did you follow?”
“My mate Rob knocked her down with a jet of water from the high-power hose and the rest of us caught her in a blanket.”
“And was the cat okay with being treated like that?”
“That was Clare, not the cat.”
“So, how did you get the cat down?”
“Once it saw what happened to Clare it miraculously found its own way.”

“It was very exciting,” said the cat, “especially the bit where Clare bounced out of the blanket and landed in number thirty-three’s holly bush.  I haven’t heard howling like that since Tibbles at number five was neutered.

Fire engine

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