Can you tell me the way to the rail station?

Uh-oh, the German GCSE Oral Exams are upon us!
Nervous teenagers muttering to themselves in guttural tones stalk our homes and streets.

“I would like a double room with bath, please.
Can you tell me the way to Poland?
Is that a frankfurter in your pocket, or are you pleased to see me?”

But don’t panic there’s plenty of advice on-line, for example:

 ‘Imagine you’re an exchange student in Berlin.  You can use your real identity as an American UW-student, but it’s often more fun to make up a fictitious identity or celebrity, for example the son of Bill Gates, a Moroccan prince or something.’

 “Hello, I am the son of Bill Clinton.  I would like a double bed in a good hotel, two packs of Durex Featherlite and the ‘phone numbers of three Class A Hookers.”

Would the Hilton suit your requirements?
“Yes, if she is available cancel the hookers.”

Is that a frankfur………….?
“No.  It is not.”


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