Poor show

It is with regret that these pages confirm that the English TV Show “‘Allo, ‘allo” has been sold to the Germans and will be broadcast and dubbed into German in its entirety.

How will Officer Crabtree be received in the German version, with his mangled French, “Good Moaning!” ?   How often did we laugh at that? No, really, how often?

And how amusing will the Germans find Michele and her catchphrase “Listen very carefully, I will say zis only once!” after she has said it in every episode?

Well, let’s be honest, it wasn’t funny in English was it? 

Aah… the number of times I sat through that awful, bland, humourless tripe because one of the more retarded members of my family insisted on watching it and there was nothing else on, and now some clever bastard has managed to foist it off on the poor Germans.

How embarrassing for us that they will see such a poor example of British humour, relying on tired catch phrases and childish innuendo.  How many times can we be expected to laugh because a painting is named “The Maddona with the big Boobies” or fall out of our chairs because somebody shouts “..flashing knobs!”? 

Selling this to the European cousins who gave us Bach, Einstein, Jung and Marx, to name just four of their top comedians, is one more insult that we throw over our shoulders as we wander aimlessly through the Brexit door.

If this shameful stereo typecasting doesn’t start The Third One off, I don’t know what will.


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