Open Wound – the drink

I see there’s a cocktail called an ‘Open Wound’.You fill a shot glass with Everclear Whiskey, drop a dash of Tabasco sauce in it, plus some around the edge.  Put an olive on a cocktail stick and drop it in.

Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol that can be up to 95% alcohol (for comparison; most vodkas are 40%).  This makes it about the strongest drink you can buy and illegal in some American States.  If you really must drink Everclear you dilute it with a mixer.

The cocktail is called an ‘Open Wound’ because once you’ve started drinking it there’s a pretty high chance of the cocktail stick piercing your nasal passages when you raise the glass towards your mouth.  Because of the numbing effect of Everclear you will not notice your injury and will continue to stab the open-wound that you’ve created until one of your friends feels enough pity to stop you.  The Tabasco is to mask the colour of any blood that drips in.

Here are some other genuine uses for Everclear:
Fuel in alcohol stoves. Hand cleanser. General disinfectant. A painkiller. A cleaner for tobacco and marijuana pipes to dissolve the residual tar and resin. A lubricant for brass instruments.  Anti-freeze.


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