Old Spice at Xmas

Shooting this year’s Tesco Christmas ads was the first time the Spice Girls had worked together since their reunion.  The first ad, ‘Secret Santa’, shows the girls shopping for presents for each other whilst desperately trying not to be spotted by their band-mates.

Yes, desperately.  That’s because if you were a multi-millionaire, you’d be embarrassed to be caught shopping for your ‘friends’ presents in Tesco’s, wouldn’t you?  Yeah, you would.

The second ad, ‘Perfect Christmas’, airs on Mon 3rd December, and features the girls at home debating their favourite Christmas meal.  As you might expect, they don’t exactly see eye to eye on what they should have for dinner!

No they don’t. 
Sweaty wants a vegan meal, Bouncy only eats chocolate cake, Tarty wants protein, Mumsy demands alcohol, and Snobby doesn’t eat anything.  The only thing they can agree on is that they don’t want any of that bloody awful Tesco’s party food.  
No boyfriends, husbands or unmarried fathers are to be invited but the girls can bring their own hairdressers and wardrobe stylists.
There is to be no religious theme as they worship different gods or objects but the girls can bring their own priest, shaman, minister or celebrant.Discussion of personal wealth is taboo as this may cause envy but the girls can bring their own agents, financial gurus, property managers and life style coaches.

It should be quite a party, once the girls have gone to bed, and as long as the local Chinese delivers.


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