Age Stimulation Simulation

Healthcare students at Southbank University are trying out an “age simulation suit” to gain an insight into the conditions older people have to cope with.

The suit is heavy to simulate weariness, there are ear defenders and special glasses to simulate degradation of the senses and electronic pulses cause twitching in the arms and hands.

“It’s an interesting experience,” said 20 year old Hebe Dorian, “but it was unkind of my colleagues to put me in it whilst I was asleep.”

In a similar move students from the Open University have developed a “student simulation experience” for oldies to try.
Injections of hormones make the subject unable to get out of bed much before 2pm, several spliffs and a bottle of Jagermeister degrade their senses and electronic pulses cause them to speak utter gibberish.

“Now I really understand why young people are so crap,” stated 80 year old Albert Ackley. “They have no money and the sex ain’t so good.”


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