Eating their words

Science nerds have invented a 3D printer that will take sugary ingredients and ‘print out’ a food item.  They are also able to include dried and powdered insects to give a high protein content to their produce.

“With the high sugar content we had teething problems with the prototypes,” said a humourless egghead, “We tried a mix of sugar and fruit but that created a printer jam. Adding the insect protein gave it a bit more body and suddenly we found the project had legs. Lots of legs.”

NASA are showing interest as the idea may help to feed their astronauts.

“In the future we will be able to FAX food out to our spaceships, meaning that they won’t have to carry it up with them!”

Mmm.. not sure they’ve thought that one through.

Still it’s pushing the boundaries I suppose.  One day we might be able to send people into space by printing their protein.  I wouldn’t mind as long as I was in a decent font, something like Sancoale Slab Soft, not one of those awful standard slab serifs, that would be too harsh.


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