Strictly come thieving


Thieves have targeted the dressing room of the female stars of Strictly Come Dancing.  Dozens of necklaces, bracelets and earrings were taken in the daring raid.  “The haul must weigh about four or five kilos and have a street value of about three pounds fifty,” stated a police spokesman.  “God help us all if that lot hits the streets of Manchester!”

Also, taken was Strictly Star, Bruce Forsyth who climbed into the back of the thieves getaway car thinking it was his limo’ home.  Later that day the thieves agreed to make a four figure donation to Children in Need if the BBC took Sir Bruce back.

“Those poor crooks were literally a captive audience and after the first ten botched up music hall jokes Sir Bruce had them begging for his release,” said the spokesman, “it would have been particularly cruel to leave them suffering for another moment, so we agreed to fetch him back next Friday.”


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