Savannah fashion

Elephants can tell whether a human is a friend or foe by their scent and colour of clothing, according to Fife experts.

St Andrews University researchers found that elephants could recognise the degree of danger posed by different groups of individuals.  The study found African elephants reacted with fear when they detected the scent of garments previously worn by men of the Maasai tribe. 


The researchers also found that although a pack of hyenas clothed in trackies and hoodies only caused mild amusement amongst the elephants, a stampede resulted when the same hyenas were dressed in twin-sets from Marks and Spencers.

Ian Culpable, chief researcher for the University team, stated that he was not surprised at the results.  “My wife’s been wearing M & S clothing for years and I’ve never seen an elephant in Fife”

The hyenas who participated in the experiment were derisive. “Blue tunic with green skirt, I’m not surprised we didn’t get a good reaction,” sneered the leader.
“Yeah, you can’t expect fashion sense from those University types,” laughed another.  “If it was beer tasting or sleeping, then I wouldn’t question their expertise!”

 “Those hyenas don’t take anything seriously,” said an elephant, “if they just made an effort, perhaps even a bit of rouge and lippy, then some of these surreal experiments might actually prove something!”

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