Large rabbit meets medium

A London family who were suffering spooky goings-on at their home took Ralph their giant rabbit to London to meet famous medium Derek Acorah.
”We are pretty sure our house is haunted by something or other, so Ralph went up to London to meet Derek Acorah,’ said owner Pauline Grant. ‘They had a good old chat about the spirits in our house.”
Yes, it might sound ridiculous that just because you have a giant rabbit and you also have ‘spooky goings-on’ that you assume the two are connected but not necessarily.  It’s a bit like if you get a get a crack in your bathroom window on the same day as the prize dahlias in your garden all lose their heads.
At first two unconnected events.  But then you find out that little Norman next door has just got himself an air-rifle and all the pieces fit together.

Acorah, star of Most Haunted, felt Ralph was behind the spooky goings-on in the family home.
‘He seemed to think Ralph was channelling the spirit of a ghoul. It sounds like a load of old nonsense but Ralph isn’t your average rabbit.’

Yes, it does sound like a load of old nonsense but that’s because Derek Acorah is in conversation with a giant rabbit about a haunted house.  Apart from that it makes perfect sense. 
“He’s big, cuddly, a bit stupid and he leaves a trail of what may be large raisins behind him, but I think he understood me,” said the rabbit.

The spooky goings on include the sound of something kicking against a wall and wild whinnying noises.  Sometimes the spooky smell of oats and spooky hay permeates through the air of the family home at the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust in Uckfield, East Sussex.
There! You see! Eventually all the pieces fit together.


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