CSU Officer headbutted

A man has pleaded guilty to assaulting Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson at a London railway station. Kevin Reynolds, 43, admitted punching Sir Alex in the groin before head butting a police community support officer at Euston station on Monday. 
The officer was unable to defend himself as he was convulsed with laughter at the time.
Mr Reynolds stated that confusion had arisen because Ferguson was standing under the Station Clock, sporting an unusal hair style and wearing a red carnation in his button hole.‘I was due to meet a young lady at that same place and time and those were our secret signs so that she would recognise me.  I thought the old guy was trying to muscle in on my action’ said Reynolds.

A young lady at the scene, who did not wish to be identified, said ‘I was very pleased when I thought that my mystery date was Sir Alex, as sure as my name’s Susie Castoff!’

The police community support officer informed our reporter that this sort of incident is very common but having seen the state of his cobblers, he doubted Sir Alex would be involved in anything similar for some time.

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