Hotel is where the heart is.

A Sheffield couple are to have a Travelodge room named after them following their record 22-year stay at one of the chain’s hotels.

David Davidson, 79, and his wife, Jean, 70, have spent around £100,000 on their room, which has a view of the car park, since they checked in back in 1985.

‘It’s not that we like the hotel,’ said Mr Davidson, ‘it’s just that we can’t find our way out.’

A member of staff, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘The manager keeps moving the exit signs around and sometimes he locks the doors.  It’s a disgrace as sure as my name’s Doug Clements!’

The 22 year stay smashes the previous record which was set by Charles Pennyfeather who lived in the Ritz in London for 18 years after his wife said ‘Stay there while I do some shopping,’ before flying to Tahiti with his brother.


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