The Governator won’t be back

Governor of the State of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, made an on-screen appearance at the Conservative Party Conference.  He was due to appear in person but backed out because he had to remain at home to discuss more important issues – his swimming pool filter has jammed up and his cat has gone missing (I suspect a connection there).
When the Governator appeared on the huge screen many of the audience ran for the doors believing that Judgement Day had arrived or, worse still, it was that awful Chiggy Bank item from the Ant and Dec Show. 
Once they had returned to their seats Mr Schwarzenegger paid tribute to Mr Cameron as “a new, dynamic leader” and an “optimist” and hailed his leadership on green issues.
There was another surge towards the doors by those believing they were at the wrong conference or, worse still, it was that awful Set Up item from the Ant and Dec show. 
But no, the Governator was serious and he continued “These are not conservative issues. These are not liberal issues.”
(More movement in the crowd by those thinking they had come to the Labour conference in error).
“These are issues everyone cares about. These are people’s issues. They want action and results, not ideology and stalemate.‘The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity,’ Winston Churchill once said.  ‘The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty’. I agree 100%. I saw difficulty in coming to Blackpool and I saw an opportunity to avoid it.”
Mr Cameron thanked Arnie for his ideology and wished him well in the search for his cat.     


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