Egg plant in Worrall Scare

TV Celebrity chef, Ainsley Harriott caused switchboard meltdown for the BBC yesterday during a live broadcast of “Ready, steady, cook!”


During the “Phone in with Your Own Recipes”, section of the programme fellow chef Anthony Worrall Thompson bent to retrieve some fallen cutlery. 

At the same moment Ainsley, who was standing behind him, brandished a large Egg Plant at the camera and asked the television viewers “Can anybody tell me what to do with this?”


“The flood of telephone calls and emails telling Big Ains what he could do with that Aubergine wiped out our systems,” said distraught producer Ben Dankisset.


“Unfortunately Ainsley made things worse with his catchphrase ‘What am I like?’ which prompted another influx of suggestions.”


Winner of the competition was Mrs N Lawson from London who suggested something, that although physically impossible, moved the judges to tears by its simplicity and significance.

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