Matt Damon has been named the Sexiest Man Alive by US magazine People
The magazine said it chose Matt Damon as the sexiest man of 2007 thanks to “his dedication to his family” and “his irresistible sense of humour.”

If that’s what it takes, I’ve definitely got it.
I’ve got a family. A wife and some kids.
And my sense of humour is great, you only have to ask Maureen the bar maid at my local pub. I’m down there every night making them laugh.
Last night Maureen was saying she was worried she was a bit overweight and I said, “You’re so fat that when you go to the cinema you sit next to everybody!”
She thought that was great. She was still laughing when she accidentally tripped me down the front steps on my way out.

Yeah, next year I’ll write to People magazine and nominate myself for Sexiest Man Alive.
Maureen said I’d be lucky to meet one out of three of those descriptions if I didn’t watch myself.
Fat cow.

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