Trendy designer, Rachael Matthews, has sparked outrage with a set of knitting patterns to make woolly models of the world’s most evil dictators, for example; her Nazi design named Knitler.

A spokesman for the Jewish Network said: “You would hope people would have more sense than to take a cuddly Hitler into work.”

Yes, you would hope that, but then you’d hope that people would have more sense than to pierce so many rings and ornaments in their faces that they look like they’ve been caught in a jewellery factory explosion. Despite your hopes, they still do it.

It could be that other tyrants featured in knitting patterns are Iraqi monster Saddam Woolsein, Uganda’s brutal Knitty Amin and Cambodian dictator Purl Pot.

There are rumours that a range of celebrity knitted models may be on sale soon.

These may include singers Knitney Spears, Threadie Mercury and Knitney Houston, along with actor Brad Knit and his ex Jennifer Yarniston.
Or they may not.

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