A fare cop

An alleged mobile brothel in the US state of Florida has taken its last ride following a police sting.

Undercover detectives in Miami Beach allegedly paid a $40 entry fee to board the vehicle and found women offering sex acts and lap dances for money.


A similar operation was uncovered in Cobham, England when two off duty police officers accidentally boarded the ‘Surrey Sexpress’, as it is known by the locals.


“The bus pulled up at the stop and the driver asked if anybody wanted a number sixty-nine stating that he was ‘going all the way’,” said Constable Happening.


His colleague, Sergeant Incident, said that it took a while for them to realise exactly what was going on.

“I first became suspicious when the driver told me that there was ‘plenty of room on top’ and I noticed that it wasn’t a double-decker bus.  He kept shouting ‘hold very tight, please’ and laughing.”


Their suspicions were confirmed when the Ticket Inspector removed her clothes and danced around the seats.


“She certainly punched my ticket,” said Constable Happening.  “When I said I wanted a single to Mount Vernon she charged me an extra thirty pounds.”


The driver was later charged with several offences including ‘Entering a box before the exit was clear’ and ‘Using a route reserved for one way traffic in the wrong direction’


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