The world record for getting dressed up as Robin Hood has been smashed in Nottingham by a group of enthusiasts.

Volunteers gathered at the city’s castle and beat the previous record of 607 with 1,119 Robin Hoods. Participants had to meet minimum costume requirements of a hat with a feather, a green or brown tunic and trousers and leather footwear.

At a similar event, held at my house this morning, I equalled the existing world record for dressing up as me.  The previous record was 1, set by me yesterday, and I managed to dress up as me again today.  The minimum requirement costume is baggy grey underpants, frayed black socks and a cheap suit from Burtons. Shoes, shirt and tie are optional.
Guinness Book of Records officials released a statement over the ‘phone which said:
“You are a fool. Please stop ringing us about this.  Besides, all our Counting Officers are still up in Nottingham, so they can’t get to your house and count you until next week.”

Last month the record for Dressing as a Policeman was broken when 141,000 people turned up for work in the minimum requirement costume of Police Uniform.
“No, of course they’re not trying to break a world record, they actually are Policemen,” said a spokesman.


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