Bleak forecast

Parts of the UK are being battered by rain and fierce winds of up to 82mph that have brought down trees in Wales and south-west England and left 10,000 homes without electricity.

Our roving reporter, Timothy Flaps, is on the line from Torquay seafront, which is somewhere in the South West.
“How’s it going down there, Tim?”

“Well, it’s surprisingly quiet, not many people around today but I can see one elderly resident who may wish to give me an interview.  Excuse me sir, can you tell me where everybody is?”
“What do you mean?”

“I can’t help noticing there’s nobody about?”
“It’s Torquay, mate.”

“Is everybody huddled indoors, without electricity, hiding from the storm?”
“No, I told you; it’s Torquay, it’s always like this.”
“You’re obviously an old, salty seadog; have you any advice for people in this sort of weather?”
“I’m a retired bank manager but my advice to you would be not to stand so close to the sea wall.”

“Surely it’s perfectly safe h…..”

“Tim?  Are you there Tim?”

First posted 10March2008 but relevant many times since!


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