Key savings

I just heard an interesting advert’ on the radio.  Plancks Piano Store can save you hundreds of pounds on the Steinway piano you have always dreamed of.
Have they slashed all their prices?  No. 
Are they giving away a free piano stool with each piano? No. 
Are they doing ‘buy one get one free’? No.

It’s far more cunning than that.  What they’re doing is putting their prices up in two weeks time.  The advert’ states that if you buy your piano before then you’ll be saving money!  I told you it was cunning.

It’s a bit like a reverse sale.  Or no sale at all really.

In fact you can save thousands of pounds using this technique.  Rush out now and buy everything you need for the rest of your life, then sit back and laugh as you watch the prices going up.


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