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A wearable digital camera may hold the key to helping people who have memory problems, experts believe.

Sensecam, produced by Microsoft, takes photos of daily events every 30 seconds so they can be played back later at high-speed to jog memory. Trials showed it helped people recall the event and emotions related to it.

Experts believe it could help people with general memory loss and more serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, but they say it is early days.
Students from the University of Aberdeen and Dodge City University, Kansas are trialling the device already.

Dorothy Gale of Kansas reported; “After a recent ‘episode’ I came around to find myself on the floor, wearing red glass shoes and a gingham dress, there was a crushed witches hat next to me and a scruffy white dog with a name badge saying ‘Toto’.
Unfortunately the Sensecam software demanded a re-boot which caused it to have a Fatal Error and crash, so I have no idea how I got into that situation or what happened to me in the previous three days.”

Dave Incident, a student from Aberdeen, had a different story following a six-hour refreshment session in the downtown, student infested bars. 
“I woke with my pants down, bent over the bed and wearing red shoes and a gingham dress.  There was a traffic cone, a Sainsburys trolley and two half eaten kebabs in my room.

Unfortunately, the Sensecam didn’t crash and so I have a perfect record of how I got into that situation. 

Oh God, please don’t let my parents see those pictures!”

(Don’t worry, gentle reader, a full set of pictures was mailed to the snivelling student’s parents within minutes of his statement).


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