Captain America Civil War – film review

Knowing it was a long film we stocked up on supplies in the foyer.  I fancied an ice cream tub. The 1litre and half litre tubs with their many varieties of mixed flavours, sprinkles and choc-drops to choose from looked a bit too much for me.
Then I spied a group of 150ml tubs huddled together at the back of the bottom shelf like frightened kids in the playground on the first day of secondary school. I like chocolate as an occasional treat so I chose double-chocolate.

It was a good choice. It lived up to its description. It had two chocolate flavours and was just enough to please me. There was a cute little plastic spoon tucked away inside the lid.

I felt that a bigger tub would have taken too long to eat and confused me with the surfeit of flavours running through it. By the time I got half way through I would have felt bloated, a bit sick and my taste buds would be blunted.

Just because something is bigger and packed with more ingredients doesn’t make it better than something that is carefully considered and tightly packaged.

Next week: ‘The Nordic Avant Garde’  – at Tate Modern – a cheese and ham sandwich.


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