Away with the ferries

My mate Dunston has decided to pack it all in, sail away and live on an island.  He’s sold his 3 bed-room Barratt Home, his Audi A6, his Armani suits and his Ikea furniture.  He bought his island from an internet site and it only cost him £30,000 pounds so he’s got quite a bit of cash left over.  Today he said a tearful goodbye at the rail station and set off to the coast from where he will be ferried out to his new home.  Dunston is accompanied by his cat, Flump, who will no doubt put up with the whole thing with his customary cool attitude and his dog, Justice, who is deeply worried about the move.
Dunston has a clever lawyer who has intrusted all his (remaining) possessions to Flump, with everything going to Justice if Flump dies.  I think he said it was an EPC (Endearing Power of Catorney).

The best bit about it so far, says Dunston, is that he has been able to get rid of all the numbers and passwords that have been filling the front of his head.  He reckons that if he includes memorised ‘phone numbers, addresses and TV channels he has been able to free-up 500kb of brain hard disc and his RAM is under much less pressure since his cache has been cleared out.  Now he only has to remember his National Insurance number and Flump’s mobile ‘phone security PIN.  His mother always said he would make nothing of himself, and now he has.

Oh, God, Dunston, how I wish I was with you.  Run, run like the wind!

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