Football referee Mike Arneyval told our correspondent that Vuvuzela noise is now part of FIFA’s training sessions for officials in South Africa.
"When we’re doing our training exercises Fifa are playing recorded sounds of vuvuzelas through the speakers. For three hours a day we’re exposed to that noise.”

“And are you worried that there may be side affects, Mike?”
“No, I don’t drink Cider thank you.”

“Won’t it damage your hearing after some time?”
“It’s about half past two.”

Although many football fans have complained about the vuvuzelas  drowning out the commentary and keeping them awake during England matches, those watching the BBC coverage have asked for the volume to be increased during the parts where Mark Lawrenson is speaking.

Referees and linesman are not allowed to officiate in matches that their home teams are involved in. They are sent home if their country manages to get through to the later rounds.
“That’s not something that I’m losing sleep over,” said Mike.


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