Personal power

Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan Ltd unveiled its environmentally friendly, “Solar Power Bra” on Wednesday. The bra’s solar panel requires light to generate electricity that can then be used for any appliances the wearer is carrying, such as a mobile ‘phone.

“Most Japanese women are petite and wear small bras, thus only generating enough power for their walkman,” said Hungon Mytiti a spokesperson from somewhere.  “However, an English model like Jordan should be able to pump out enough electricity to supply a small town.”

 “We are warning women against powering their vibrators by this method though.  One woman, whilst doing some spot welding, found that her bra became super-powered sending her vibrator into overdrive.  Her resulting screams of ecstasy were only matched by the sirens on the ambulance that collected her.”

In a similar move Shine-a-Light ltd have fitted a solar panel to their latest torch so that if the battery expires it will run on solar power.  We wanted to speak to the marketing director about this novel invention but he was unavailable.
“His lights are on, but no ones home,” his secretary informed us.


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