The US Navy is on standby to shoot down a falling spy satellite before it enters Earth’s atmosphere.

Several missiles may be used in case the first one misses, the technical term for this is a ‘volley’ or ‘shower’ of missiles.  Some scientists are worried that the missiles that fail to hit the satellite will fall back to earth and explode in our cities. A bit like in that film, ‘Our Own Missiles are Falling into our Cities’.

However, Russian Education and Health spokesman, Iva Bunnka, stated:
“Citizens of the World have no cause for alarm. The Russian Health service has its own glorious missiles locked onto the missiles of the decadent US Navy.  We will launch a shower of anti-missile missiles that may or may not resolve the situation.”

“But what if your missiles fall back to earth?” asked a fledgling reporter from “The Planet” newspaper.

“Do not worry about that,” said Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the back of the hall, “I have the perfect solution.”


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